Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fasting Month (Ramadhan) and Me

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ramadhan is a Muslims holy month. Basically, we as Muslims are required to fasting from fajr until maghrib for a month. Besides, it is a time when Muslims around the world focusing on their prayer,giving to charity and do religious devotion such as donate to people who lost their parents.
For the first day and the second, I got a chance fasting with my family and saddest part is for the third day and now on of Ramadhan, i have to fast at my new place which is KPTM Kuantan.To be honest, it was a sad moment for me since this is the first time I am fasting without my family around. My family told me once; without bitter the sweet isn't as sweet . The beginning is always the hardest.
As usual during the orientation, the facilitator gives us a warm welcome and at the same time we have to know each other in ice breaking game. My orientation group members is the one who having ifthar together with me at restaurant around the college and also at Padang MPK, Kuantan, Pahang on 8th of Ramadhan, I decided to went back to Malacca by reason of class that started on 12th of Ramadhan. To me, having my mom cooks is the best things ever while I am in a short period of time there in college.
On my first day being a student of KPTM during fasting month, it was actually hard for me to adapt the changes of learning system and finding a class is very challenging. Plus, the weather here is quite hot and it gave me such experience that I couldn't find at my housr which is my comfort and the best zone. Through this holy month, I learnt so much about patience and being moderate as a Muslim and also generall as a student at a new place and with new people.
Finally the day that im wanting for on 17th July 2015, the first day of Syawal. I celebrated it with my family at my hometown . Many of my relatives came to my house as my house is the place where all of us gathered together. We enjoyed all of the traditional food as ketupat, lemang, rendang and so on. Visiting other relatives families is one of activities for my family. We not only visited family around Malacca but also at Negeri Sembilan, Johor and Selangor. Apart of that, I managed to finished my six days fasting on Syawal.
I'm happy because I get to know what is fasting month really means . Based on my opinion, putting aside those smartphone is the best way to celebrated

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