Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Money is the root of all evil

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Money as stated in Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries is something that you earned by working or selling things, and use to buy things. It is uncountable. Money is used widely in English idioms. Is it money is important things? Why this “thing” can be the root of all evil? Is it money has some power to posse someone or anything that touched it?
To be cleared, as stated above, money is an object. It is used as a medium to trade and can’t harm nor injure anyone. That innocent thing were labelled as “an evil” thing because of human beings action. News on Television and Radio always bring us a tragedy regarding money problems. As example robbery, corruption, snatch and so on. This crime were caused because of their lust and greed. All they see and want is wealth, status and power. Thus, greed in mankind leads them to do bad things.
The ruining of relationships usually caused by money. You work for the same reason, money. In order to gain, you loose and watch as your relations dwindle. I organization, they will be a situation that you will scold your workers. Because? Money of course. Without your notice about it, the money slowly ruin you and your relations.
Money also can caused you a stress. Paying bills? Did you enjoy paying your monthly bills? You believe that it’s just an emotional problem, then ignore it without realising that it will slowly affect you. Even you doesn’t realize its effects. Grey hairs, heart issues, insomnia and others thing thaw slowly wears down your body both physically and mentally. Without noticing, money caused stress that leads you to be a different person.
With the power of money, any individuals as well as states can dictate terms. As example Middle East Countries have found new wealth as they found their oil deposits. That finding had caused them to become a very powerful state. This kind of power shouldn’t go to wrong hands. Everyone must remember that money coming to us was by chance. Never ever use that chance for evil purposes. But as we know, there is always money involved motivating someone to do evil action.
In a nutshell, money is the root of all evil, the stem of evil intentions. It will poison you slowly. It just not a paper, never underestimate the power it holds, the points that it can destroy things and relationships. You will decides how to use the money, for morally or immorally. Never lose yourself to lust and greed.

by khuzairiahmad

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