Wednesday, October 14, 2015

If I am Superhero

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What is superhero? Many people always think or dreaming to be a superhero but it just a dream and not reality at all. When I was child, I always dreaming to be a superhero such as superman, batman, ironman and so on. I know about the superhero in the television. When I grow up I know that superhero that I know when I was child is not real. It just a created superhero. Actually I want to tell about myself if I am superhero.
If I am superhero I want to be like jumper. My friends always ask me why choose jumper? I choose jumper because I love to travel. My friend ask again why jumper? Jumper is not a superhero but jumper is special ability. Jumper can save everyone anytime and anywhere. Instead saving people, I can travel around the world. The first place that I want to explore is Australia. I want to meet my favourite team all time which is, All Black.
Other than that, I would choose to be Ironman because I have a lot of money and build my own companies. As we know, Ironman is the number one of superhero in the Marvel companies. He can cooperate with everyone just like me. He can fly as fast as lightning. He also can shoot enemy from long range. But, it just daydream when I was child.
Besides, I was dreaming to be flash. He is as fast as lightning. I also think about when I late to go to class. I can run fast to class. I can go everywhere that I want same like jumper. Haha ! I did not have any idea to be like flash because it just like jumper but being flash is very tired. Jumper is not very tired but we have to memorise many type of place although in Malaysia we did not memorise all place in this country
I have one request that is I want to combine all type of power of superhero such I said above and others superhero which is Thor, Hawk Eye, Spiderman, Captain America, Loki and so on. But, I was 18 years old right now and I am student not a superhero of everyone at all and I want to be a superhero of my family one day
As conclusion, to be superhero is a daydreaming. All superhero in the world was created for movie and public view. All people have their own ambition and dreams just like me and they have their own superhero.

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